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Hi I’m new to this and working on my iGuide Website. Does anyone of you display on their website or invoices the Terms and Conditions of the Service contract with the consumer. I can’t find any templates or legal guidelines for a Terms and Conditions page or section for iGuide when it comes to service agreements for iGuide tour services in regards to service length, liability, tour copyrights, etc or additional fees may be assessed if sqft is more than what is ordered, etc. Thanks in advance!

HI Ralph I was wondering the same thing have you found any resources for this

I have a paragraph on my invoices that basically states the photographer retains ownership of any photography and that the agent is licensed to use photography for the purposes of marketing the property for a time period up to one year, and that this license is not transferable. (In this case I use photography as a blanket term to cover photos and the iguide or virtual tour) – so far this hasn’t been questioned.

Because I invoice after photos and tours have been delivered, I have an order form on my website that has a mandatory section that the agent must agree to or the order form will not be submitted. I ask them to confirm that they have read and agree to the terms wth regards to charges for additional square footage, basements, etc.

Even when they do this, I still get the odd one who expresses anger, shock and disbelief that I did not photograph their 10,000 sf property for the sum of $279 plus tax. But it happens less often then it used to, and I now have proof that they read and agreed to terms.

I haven’t gotten much response so far and I’m surprised that by looking at Northamerican Tour websites to not see more terms and conditions. I’m in South America where everything is relaxed but remember when I was a RE broker in California that they would sue you for everything and you needed your disclaimers for every move you did regarding sq ft, copyrights etc

Thanks for sharing Curbappealpix!

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Hi Ralph,

I provide a usage license on my invoices. This includes iGuides. Canadian copyright law states that the owner of the work retains copyright unless otherwise agreed. I maintain that I will not resell the images to another realtor if the listing comes up again and this is sufficient for most of my clients…

Great input Marc! Thanks