iGUIDE RVT Add-on - Availiability in Australia?

Does anyone know when the iGUIDE Revit (RVT) Add-on will be availiable in Australia?
It is currently only availiable in North America. Thanks.

Hey Andrew, that is an excellent question. Have you had a chance to connect with the Product Support Team? If you create a ticket (click here), you will have an official response in a very reasonable timeframe!

The Support Team operates Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.

I think the general answer to your question would be that if the property you submit to us is draftable and it fits within the size/geometry/scope of what is regularly provided, then I don’t see there being an issue.

That said, our Support Team will be your best bet regarding getting an answer and guiding you through the process of requesting RVT files, if applicable.

Hope this helps and I’ll be sure to have the Support Team watch for your ticket!

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