iGuide Planix Pro for Sale in Southwest Florida

I bought it in December 2021, I only used it once in one of my listings and was very satisfied, the reason I am selling is that I don’t have time to be a full-time real estate agent and also take photography and 3D Virtual Tour .

This iGUIDE PLANIX Pro, Ricoh THETA Z1 lenses have been calibrated by Planitar, PLANIX Pro can provide up to 3 times better accuracy when making linear measurements in 3D space using images compared to uncalibrated lenses.

I have never removed the camera from the core of iGUIDE Planix, it has stayed as I received it. I recommend never detaching from the iGUIDE Planix core if you want to maintain calibration and accuracy in the 3D virtual tour.

What’s included:

  1. iGUIDE PLANIX Indoor Mapping System with Ricoh THETA Z1 51GB (with calibrated lenses)
  2. System battery
  3. System power supply
  4. 16GB USB Flash drive
  5. Theta Lens Cap
  6. Carrying case with shoulder strap

This device will not be shipped, anyone interested in it must pick it up in person or designate it to a family member or friend in or near Southwest Florida where I reside.

Asking price: $1,900


If you are willing to enter into an escrow.com contract and provide pictures of the unit and pictures of how its packed and ship it to Las Vegas then I will cover all package and shipping costs and pay for the escrow fee.

The escrow service will hold onto the funds while the package is in transit and when it arrives I will take pictures of the package before its opened and pictures of the package and contents after it has been opened and upload them to the escrow portal and on completion of the contract they will release the funds to you.

A partial payment will be made in advance to cover the shipping fees so that you wont have to pay anything out of pocket.

Hi Joshua,

I have never used escrow.com but I prefer not to use any courier service.

If you have a friend or family member in or near Southwest Florida, they can stop by my community clubhouse to review the gear with you via video conference, then your friend or family member will be in charge of shipping it to you.

I just accept cash!

Thanks for the inquiry!

Hi BraulioHdez,

I am traveling to South Florida on Sunday April 9th. I will strat my work in Miami for a client to scan a few commercial spaces.

I am very interested in purchasing your system. Can we talk over the phone today my phone number 248-910-1754.

I would like to make arrangements to purchase you system.

I look forward to your reply. My email michal.catari@wolfvre.com

Hi Machal,

As the iGUIDE forum does not allow me to reedit to update my post, I am notifying this way that the iGUIDE planix was sold to you.

It was a pleasure selling this system to you, ENJOY IT!

Thank you.