IGuide Planix Pro for sale $1,975 - NC


I have an IGuide Planix Pro for sale. Received an unsolicited job offer from a previous role, so I won’t be in Real Estate Photography anymore. Like new condition, standard shipping is included to US and Canada. Theta Z1 has never been removed.

Price:$1,975 - USD (shipping included)
Serial number: MX230101K137

Please DM me if interested

Located in NC, the price can be adjusted for local pickup.

Respectfully, Daniel

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Have you sold this yet?

Still available

Still available

I am interested!

Hello Daniel,

If this is still available?

I am in Colorado.

Please send an email, info@colorfulvirtualtours.com


Hi T1ms,

Is this still available? I would be interested in discussing this with you please send an email with pictures to bbrunney@yahoo,com I am new to this forum not really sure how it works yet if you email me I will send you a number we can discuss this.

Interested. Is this still available?