iGUIDE Planix For Sale - Hamilton ON $2000

For Sale, Used for 1 scan, my clients only require matterport scans from us. Located in Hamilton ON

Will you ship to US?

Hi sure, but the shipping cost and or duties if any would be additional. Let me know if you would like to proceed.

How much total in US dollars would that be?

Hi Im guessing you would be able to get the shipping cost by contacting either ups or FedEx. You could let them know its coming from Hamilton Ontario.

Thank you

With the camera?

Hi just the planix, in Hamilton Ontario

Still available?

Yes selling the planix base for 1900. Located in Hamilton Ontario

Is it y to he newest version pro?

Hi it’s

Is this still avail?

Can you tell me if your camera is still for sale. I am in Guelph.

Still avail?

I also have a camera and core for sale if you are interested. Thank you