iGuide photos only

I have been doing more photos only for listings and inserting them to the iguide photos forum…
when it opens to the front of the house and address ribbon .it is not clear what the client is to do next. It moves automatically to the next screen saying “The 3D Tour for this property is not ready yet.” with the tab Photo. Map… neither tells what the client can do to begin seeing the slide show…the client needs to select the tab “photos.”
In short the format needs to be adjusted as this is not a smooth opening and by the time the client has guessed what to do next they have left the iGuide photos only tour.

Apparently if more photographers make a request for more adjustments to the iGuide photos only start up design, the designers at Planitar will have a look and perhaps tweek this poor design ,
please join me in asking planitar to re design the start up set up for photos only iGuide forum,

Can you share a link so we can see?

It sounds like you might not be specifying the Photos package option when you’re creating a new iGuide. Are you following the steps at iGUIDE Photos - Instructions - iGUIDE®? The result should look like the example at iGUIDE Photos - iGUIDE®.

Leroy. thanks for your response…yes it ultimately gets the the screen view your link shows but it is 3 screens later…yes i am selecting photo only iguide. yet the project is ready… client needs to click photos…yet there is no instructions

That’s odd. Have you opened a support ticket about this?

I’ve only used the iGuide Photos product a couple of times and did not run into that. It worked simply and intuitively without an obstacle like what you’ve posted above.

Leroy Yes i did reach out with a ticket plus the developers responded with i need more photographers support to have planitar develop this product further…that surprised me…I love their products and have been a photographer with them for 8+ years…
SO that is why i came to the chat room to solicit other photographers for help