iGuide Operators group

If you are an iGuide Operator, please join the iGuide Operators group on this forum if you have not done so - simply email your request to Planitar support and provide your forum name or email you used to sign up. As a member of the Operators group, you will have access to additional content on this forum that is available to iGuide Operators only.

What’s the email address we should send an email to in order to join?


Here it is:
35 PM

And you are already in the Operators group if you see iGuide Operator title next to your name on this forum, like this:
05 PM

Usually, new iGuide Operators are emailed a special forum invite by Planitar Customer Service during on-boarding training and they are added automatically, but if they do not use the invite email and sign up on their own, then they need to be added manually.

Thanks. I’m already in the group. Phew! :slight_smile: