iGUIDE of a Race Track?

Would it be possible to create an iGUIDE of an outdoor racetrack?

Do it! I would like to see that.

No response yet; Perhaps I neglected to address this to someone in the iGUIDE office…

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iGUIDE is an indoor mapping technology centered around floorplans and accurate positioning of panos with respect to each other that is derived from laser data (measured off the walls). For outdoor shooting, a better option would be a 360 camera, such as Ricoh Theta Z1 and a publishing platform like GoThru or Panoskin that will allow exporting to Google StreetView.

Thank you for taking a moment to reply.

I agree with the alternatives, but they simply don’t measure up to the quality that an iGUIDE could provide. Think outside the box for a moment (or outside the house as it were).

Obviously the system is designed for indoor mapping and uses the laser data for alignment. That being said, one could do iGUIDE scans around the perimeter of a home and still get an accurate exterior draft of the home along with a tour of that exterior.

Obviously, the laser data needs to be there so a floor plan could be generated. Given the example above, as long as there are sufficient features around the project area, such as trees, race monitor stands, buildings, or even temporarily placed monuments specifically for alignment, it should be possible to accurately draft the track, place the panos, and even measure the track features.

The very same could be done for a “Town Square” project, like so many small towns with a building in the middle that is usually the town hall surrounded by a street and local commerce. If it were possible to create a scaled iGUIDE of a town square, I would be able to go to each store that surrounds the town square and land a deal with them for business by including a visual pano of the inside of their store, in that iGUIDE. The value to the town and the businesses would be tremendous! The value to operators would be just as tremendous! Theoretically, it’s not far from mapping a shopping mall or warehouse.

“Imagine the possibilities, not the limitations.”

@Chris - What do you think?

Just a thought, but if there is armco barrier around then you have a good target for the LIDAR device. Maybe adjust shooting elevation, for a driver’s eye view?