I have lost several potential clients in the last month, because matterport is featured on sites like VRBO, or Air BnB where their virtual tours are the only tours available.

Now I just missed another listing because “Property Control Center” which runs “Lands of America” only offers matterport virtual tours.

Let’s Go! Get some people out there to wheel and deal with all these third party sites like Matterport has done! The iguide product is way better, yet Matterport is becoming the industry standard.


That’s a good point. One of my clients has two of his own vacation rentals and his requirement was to be able to post on the sites you mentioned. You can copy and paste a link the message body and viewers can copy and paste in the address bar, but a pain and inconvenient.

I too like to see that feature available to iGuide users…have talked with iGuide peeps about it before to see if we can get in also.


I’ve got 4 clients wanting “Tours” for their rental units and sadly I have to do them ALL with MP instead of my preferred iGUIDE. I’m tryin to steer everyone away from MP but in instances like this we have no option but to use MP instead of the superior iGUIDE product.


This would be tremendously helpful for iGuide to be accepted on Air BnB and VRBO! This is definitely a market I want to go after in my area.

I also noticed that there are no marketing materials put out by iGuide for these types of properties (Air BnB, vacation rentals, hotels, bed & breakfasts, etc.).

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I just had an e-mail exchange with Andriy from iGUIDE about this topic and he said they are working on it! We have a huge rental market here in Punta Del Este and I’m afraid AirBnB, VRBO will only allow Matterport!?


Correct, they only support matterport virtual tours.

This and similar issues are making me crazy as well. I have had to pass on 4 large commercial jobs recently because the client would only except a Matterport tour. The changes suggested here will help, but they also need some sort of game changer that clients want and Matterport does not offer.

I am almost considering spending Money on one of the damn Matterport units just to not miss opportunities. The jobs I have passed on would have easily paid for and still left me with profit.

Matterport is really slow, and it requires a pricey subscription. It requires a view every 5 feet or so, and the “dollhouse” view is, quite frankly - odd. While the dynamic range of the images is better than the Theta Z, in every other way it is an inferior product to iGuide. It was not that long ago when having a Mac was not accepted, now it’s the dominant platform. Clearly we need to educate our clients and our potential clients.
I am currently experimenting with shooting an iGuide for the floor plan, and then shooting a stitched DSLR pano for each view and replacing them. Stitched DSLR panos, done properly - are superior in every way to Matterport imaging and much quicker to capture than Matterport. The issue seems to be lining up the two views so they align with the view on the Floor Plan.
In my opinion, we need to take the strengths of the iGuide system and figure out how to enhance them. Slice it how you want - Matterport is a cumbersome, slow, expensive product.


Is it worth trying to educate people who don’t want to be educated and still loose the job or just say Iguide is better and here are the reasons, but if you insist on Matterport I can provide that as well and not loose the income. I did my research and believe iGuide was and is the best platform in this price range. As is very evident these days, people can be given all the information they need to make a smart decision but that certainly does not mean they will.

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I very much agree. I still have Matterport listed as a service I can provide, and I pay the $10/mo to keep my subscription active. But I’d be happy to never actually sell a Matterport tour and be able to talk everyone into iGuide. With Matterport, not only does it take longer to capture, but I’ve read horror stories from other photographers about sometimes having errors in the mesh due to a problem capture, and they can’t fix it in a timely manner or have to go back and reshoot, which is of course unacceptable. I like how iguide allows us to fix anything we need to after the fact.