iGuide in the boondocks

Am about to take the plunge into becoming an iGuide photographer and I am doing so, not as an experienced real estate photographer adding iGuide to my existing services but as a newcomer to professional photography (although with much amateur photography experience). I plan to serve the county in central Florida where I live. Having worked through the “Market Analysis” Building Blocks, I know that home sales here are averaging 110 per month—steady plus a peak of 140 in Spring. The county population is 104,000 and the average selling price of a home is $140,000. I live in the county’s largest town and 90% of the county’s homes are within 50 miles of mine. I will be the second locally based RE photographer with my only competitor focused on aerial photography and high-end virtual tours; all other RE photographers are at least 60 miles away and would appear to be priced out of my low end market. I plan to offer my IGuide services at $0.10 per sq.ft. with a $50 minimum. Thus I hope to attract the low end of the market as well as the high and am banking on (i.e. hoping for) enough work to keep me busy: at least 20 or so jobs per week . Is there anyone out there who is using the iGuide in a US market similar to mine? Do my plans seem realistic? If so, what is the best way to approach agents/agencies here: e-mails, social media, newspaper ads, cold calls, or . . . ?

I started my business with similar experience. You are welcome to call and discuss your plans.

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Thank you very much for your response. Will it be OK if I call you on Monday? Would any particular time work best for you?