iGUIDE IMS-5 For Sale - $1500 CAD

Like New, Well Maintained iGUIDE IMS-5 Camera, Charger, Battery and Case for sale in the Toronto ON (Leslieville Area). DM me if interested.

Hi, just wondering if this is still avail?

Hi, it’s still available.

Awesome. I’m pretty close by located in georgina. I’ve never used iguide so this will be my first purchase. Does this kit include everything I need? Sounds like you have everything except the tripod. How does this Mount to a tripod?

You use a quick-release plate to mount a Planix to a tripod.

For recommendations see Recommended iGUIDE PLANIX accessories.

It has everything but the tripod. And it uses a quick release plate to mount.

Hi is this still available?

Yes, it’s still available.

Hi there, I am interested in buying, is it available right now?