iGuide Google Street for Car Dealerships

To all,

Has anyone experienced a request from or had the opportunity to put a car dealer on Google Street and if so, could I get a link

I have a request and want to review the possibilities with the customer

Thank you


I actually have a local dealer (used cars) whom I’m waiting on. They want it but haven’t scheduled it yet.

I think it’s a great idea for dealerships.

I have a great relationship with a local Mazda dealer that I’ve been working on… without success.
The main concern they have is the rotating inventory and therefore the soon-to-be outdated visuals.

I’ve done more Google shoots for car dealerships than any other type of business. For the most part they seem eager to have good online advertising. Here are a few that you could Google:

  1. Audi Columbia, SC
  2. Mercedes Augusta, GA
  3. Jim Tidwell Ford Atlanta, GA
  4. Rock Hill Toyota Rock Hill, SC
  5. Gerald Jones Ford Augusta, GA
  6. Gerald Jones Mazda Augusta, GA
  7. Kia of Evans Evans, GA
  8. Master Buick GMC Augusta, GA

I have plenty more but I’m sure this will give you what you need…

Thanks Joe for those examples.
What’s your pitch like to these dealerships to get them motivated? Have you gone back to any for updates?

Thanks for that info! 2018 is going to be the iGuide for business for me.

Thanks Joe,

I’m pretty sure that list should be fine. Wow, looks like you cornered the market!



Forgive me if this has been asked before and or it’s here on the forum somewhere but I am confused.
How is a Google Tour being used with the iGuide?


You can export photosphere constellations from iGuide directly to Street View, but only for commercial properties. There are several Street View threads here and you can find them with the Search function (https://forum.goiguide.com/search?q=street%20view). Here is info from our website: https://goiguide.com/street-view/.

Honestly, I pitch them just the same as any other business. I just look to see if there’s interest or not and some are not interested. I continue to share the value (just in case they think I’m only there to sell something… I try to build rapport before giving up). But it seems that 50% of them are interested in getting much better Google presence online and the cost in very minimal compared to the advertising they’re paying for.

Thanks Joe,

Same approach for me. Just getting started so the pavement and I are friends