iGuide for paint calculation

Today I shared an iGuide with a buyer because they wanted to use it to calculate how much paint they needed to purchase. It is a unique property and was painted with an … interesting … colour scheme when we covered it.
I often talk about measurement accuracy and how the tools can be used in interesting ways but this one is a new example for me to use in future conversations.
What interesting examples do you have of how people are using the tools we provide?

Doug, thanks for sharing that story.

A couple of months ago, I spoke to a homeowner who wanted the iGUIDE of a home they purchased so that they could calculate the amount of flooring they needed.

I also spoke to another homeowner, coincidently one of your customers’ clients, who said "for sure [the iGUIDE] helped! It is so much easier to visualize a walkthrough with these and you can move around and see so many different angles over and above just static photos.

As for why I wanted [the iGUIDE], it is mostly for memory… I would always want to look back on what the place looked like when we bought it."

We’ve also done two in the last few weeks for the same buyer (direct to buyer) the day after the home transferred ownership. They wanted the iGuide mostly because the renos planned for rental purposes required floor plans. The like the iGuide but took the dxf files for their design work.