iGUIDE for Museums

Does anyone have an example of a museum iGUIDE they can share?

This is what the Museum is asking (it is the Morse Museum -home to Tiffany Stained Glass)
"Please get me what you can. Unfortunately, if we get a virtual tour done the key would be something other than or additional to creating images in places where a person would normally view or where there is a specific item to see.

We’re an art museum and so the details of the work and seeing the work in proper detail (unlike architectural elements or BTS elements) would be of crucial importance to us. Just a little more information."

How do we sell this?

Hi Kevin,

There is a pretty cool one of a Museum in Norway we have on our website.

Click “Tourism”

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Thanks Tyler! It might also answer the “why” question because looking at this -I want to go to that museum!

Kevin, a couple of weeks ago I had a unique opportunity to shoot an iGuide of an exhibit of artwork by Rembrandt and his contemporaries. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth with the art gallery staff and the owners of the artwork (contractual obligations between them), but I think the result will be made public this week. When I can, I’ll share the result and talk about how I went about it and why.

Hi Leroy, that sounds perfect. Thank you so much.

Hi Kevin,

Here is another museum from Oslo, Norway:


You can’t read many of the information boards, but it gives potenital visitors a taste of what it looks like. They museum was very satisfied with the tour. In fact, they thought the pictures were too good, and were almost afraid real visitors would be disappointed that the lighting was not as good as in the iGUIDE :slight_smile:

Thanks Thomas, it looks terrific! Yet another Museum I want to visit!

Hi Kevin,

Here is an iGuide we did for the Los Angeles Maritime Museum - https://www.selectsouthbay.com/post/yes-you-can-still-see-the-museum

Hope this helps.


I just realized that I forgot to update this thread with the results of my iGuide of a Rembrandt exhibit at the Art Gallery of Alberta. It’s at https://youriguide.com/art-gallery-of-alberta-rembrandt-emerges.