iGuide for First Nation Graveyard


We have been asked to give a quote for a Iguide on a Sacred First Nation graveyard. This is pretty unusual but some of the people burried there are famous and the FIrst Nation who owns the land doesn’t want to have tourist walking around. There is no buidling near by. Does anybody has any experience with that? can we do it without building around? Thank you for your help. Davy

I’ve been asked about outdoor spaces too, but I don’t think the iGuide works for that. You need a building to measure. If you did a building and then added a floor called “exteriors” you could have a bunch of exterior panos, but they would have no navigation map.

I have done an outdoor tour using Roundme.com . Basically, I took a bunch of panos, and then manually placed them in their approx. location on a navigation map I had uploaded. I used my own camera and pano head for this, but you may be able to get the images with an iGuide camera.

Thank you for the info Michael. i will look into it

That sounds like a very interesting project! I hope it went well, Davy.

I had the cemetery on my list of buildings to do for the City of Courtenay. I was thinking of this post so I decided to try an outdoor tour while I was there.

Looks good. Was the client happy?

Looks good. I think the navigation side of the iGuide would be more intuitive if the exterior features were also displayed: walkway, etc. Otherwise nice work.

Is there anything special to consider when shooting outdoor areas?

I used the granite structures, buildings, tree trunk, etc. to get some laser data. I would suggest not getting too far apart between panos and making use of whatever the laser can hit so you can orient the locations together afterwards.

Some outdoor areas are likely not possible if there is nothing for the laser to hit.