Iguide fees for apartment building

We usually use our iguide for real estate projects such as houses, but we have been asked to take on a much bigger project. It involves the surveying of an apartment building, all living spaces, storage, mechanical and basement crawl space. Could you please tell me how and what we should charge for this? The area is approximately 10,000 sq ft. I have seen some people charge a flat fee for up to 2500 sq ft and then anywhere from 10cents - 25cents per square foot after. Is this reasonable?
This is for an apartment building in Oshawa, Ontario.
Thank you for your help.

It’s all clearly explained here: https://goiguide.com/processing-pricing
Click on ‘details’ under the ‘per project pricing’ and you can see everything in detail!

If counting mark-up on processing cost plus time, I usually end-up around $.10/sq ft anyway, so that’s kind of my default rate for regular, and more like $.13/sq ft for premium.

Pricing is usually based on the market you’re in.

In the SF bay area we’re regularly charging around $.18-$.25/sq ft and we only offer iguide premiums.

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I’m in the middle of nowhere, so to speak. The California Sierras. I do understand pricing is different for unique scenarios; being originally from SF bay Area. Commercial can be .12 -.15 here. Buildings generally are smaller in size in this foothill region.

I look forward to getting to a major metropolitan area soon. We are headed east in the coming months.