Iguide feature suggestion

  1. It would be a great idea to add a button beside the help or maximize button that opens up the iguide tour in a new window. Because not everyone would have the direct link to the tour. and the tour might be running from any website.
    It is extremely helpful for iOS users as they can’t maximize the window so they can view iGuide in almost a full screen size from any website.

The alternative is to copy the link in the share button and paste in a new browser window which is painful for iOS users as they can’t select all (for some reason) and the cursor is not properly working to get the full length of the link text.

  1. If the iguide is running through a website (not direct link) the iguide message pops up “to experience VR, you need to open iGuide on a mobile phone with VR headset.”
    Which the user is actually using mobile device. One of the solution I think that would be less confusing is to properly guide the user to a new (direct link) window.
    from there the current messages works fine.


Suggestion for mapping efficiency. When clicking “move pano” it would be great if the map screen, which has been minimized during photo capture, would automatically maximize to fill the screen again. Its a small thing but would save one extra touch for every single pano taken.

It would be good to have more symbols for kitchen items such as a built in wall oven on floor plans. There are examples on competitors floor plans and Google. Also agents expect it. Many thanks