iGuide control

I have a question. I have seen some iGuide tours that are very easy to navigate because you do not have to click at the same time, This is much easier for the viewer. Is this an IOS feature only possible? I would share I was able to do it on some I have seem online as well. The whole click and drag thing is not that easy for folks not using computers every day.

Ken, there is this feature that I usually disable: Disable 3D Tour autoplay
Is that possibly what you saw?
I find it slow and tedious compared to just clicking between views.
I nearly lost a realtor over this autoplay because he though iGuide was lame compared to the “M” word I won’t mention…

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I think I kind of answered the question in my original note. Putting you finger on an IOS screen is like placing a curser and clicking.On a PC you would of course need to align the cursor and the click separately.