iGuide Batteries and airport security

Flying for an assignment and looking for any information. Nothing in our data bases per what I can see with searches of, “airline”, “security”, “battery type”, “declare” …

What is the situation with iGuide devices and airline travel? for safety, what do I disclose.

Traveling to the East coast on an assignment and then back. Thank you.

Matt Swafford

Batteries cannot travel in checked in luggage and must travel in carry-on. While the Planix system battery could be removed and travel in carry-on, Ricoh Theta Z1 battery is non-removable, so the whole Planix system has to travel as a carry-on. There are no issue with Planix system going through security checkpoint, but once in a while they may ask to open the carry case.

thanks - appreciated for the good information.

  • Matt