iGuide and Google - Steps to take after published

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to touch briefly on iGuide and Google. It’s exciting technology and we are very fortunate to be able to offer this service to the masses. I have done a few for some local businesses and they look great online, but I want to know whats next. How are you using it effectively to showcase to other potential clients and what are the best ways to use it effectively. If anyone has any suggestions or relevant videos I would love to learn more.

Thanks and have a wonderful week!

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Are you asking what to do to gain more iGuide business or what a customer should do with an iGuide once we’ve delivered it?

Sorry if this was a bit confusing. I am just wondering how the customer can get the most exposure with the iGuide and google once it is published. If anyone has published a business on Google what have clients done with the info after wards, or how can we better our exposure.

Ok, I can understand that as well.

I tell all of my customers–realtors, builders, businesses, etc.–the same thing…they can have us do an iGuide for them but, if they don’t work to get it out to the public, it will be useless to them. They need to post to social media, etc.

With the business kind, it’s a bit different. They still need to push it out to people but, the Google Maps portion acts as a passive way of driving people to the business. You search for a type of business in a certain area, Google brings back results–many times driving you to Google Maps listings. This is where the iGuide for business really shines as MOST businesses don’t have a tour and most have crappy photos (we sell photography, videography and other services as well). They have to understand how search on Google works–at least well enough to understand the benefits they get from an iGuide for business.