iGUIDE Analytics PDF

One of my clients wants to be able to attach and send the iGUIDE analytics they receive to their clients. It is an important way for them to keep their clients up to date on how their listing is doing. It would be useful to them to have a way to download a PDF format of the analytics to attach to other emails – especially if they use a CRM system and wish to track these communications. Can we please add PDF options to the analytics?

Do they already sign up their clients for the weekly analytics emails and they just want a PDF option in addition to that?

No. I wouldn’t even begin to promote this. I can’t get agents to become editors to take control of their paid-for assets; let alone signing their sellers-up for analytics, and then turning off when sold. They could forward the analytics report, but if they’re sending updates via a CRM (with their own letterhead and boiler-plate) then attaching a PDF would be a benefit.

Current workaround would be click the View in Browser link at the top of the Analytics report. Then click File → Export as PDF.

Right, but you don’t need to make a client an editor for them to receive the weekly analytics. Many of my clients forward the analytics emails to their sellers.

I agree that it would be useful to allow for on-demand analytics updates – as PDFs as well as emails – but in the meantime, I would have that CRM systems allow for easy conversion of emails to PDF format.