I want my company brand in the Titles!!!! PLEASE

I want the titles to read;
Cordero Video & Photo 3D Tour for… (address)

The way it presents and reads right now is as if iGuide is the media company instead of my company: Cordero Video & Photo.

I HATE Matterport because they always brand themselves over the actual photographers who are selling the service. I thought we would get more customization with the ability to brand ourselves. In this regard, iGuide is not much different at this point

iGuide already brands itself within every 3D Tour in the top right corner. And I’m fine with that,. But There’s no need to brand yourself in every title as well. Again it’s overshadowing the companies that actually invested into iGuide.

My company is the one building the accounts, providing the services, and building relationships. I’m not just delivering 3-D tours, I’m delivering high resolution photography, 4K video, experienced and licensed drone work… Our company names should be at the start of every title, not iGuide

Highly disappointed with this :pensive::man_facepalming:t2:


I must say I agree. We pay premium processing fees only to advertise for a company that is a service to me. Usually when. If a provider wants to co-brand a project on my platform they pay me. This would never fly in any other business models I am aware of. You are not turning into a Matterport are you???