I updated my Ricoh Theta Z1 firmware - I'll let you know the results tomorrow

So after seeing my camera was on firmware version 1.60. I decided to update it to the latest firmware because it says in the change log there’s bug fixes etc. So I’m currently on version 2.00.

I did a couple test shots tonight and I see a bit of a difference in the quality of the photo. However… I’ll see it in real world application on my next shoot tomorrow.

I’m not sure if anyone else has tackled this on their planix with the Ricoh Theta Z1, but I figured it was worth a shot for a possibility of photo improvement.

Cheers… until tomorrow!

I don’t remember the firmware version, but there was an update released for the Planix a few months ago that updated the HDR formula to make it more like the IMS-5. In short, improving the image quality. That might be what you’re noticing.

I love the updated HDR options, but MAN does it slow down scan speed in a house. Significantly. Timed it yesterday and was taking 12.5 seconds per scan from button to final theta ring. I hope they have something in the works to update the software so that the LiDAR scan and exposures can be taken faster. The improved image quality is huge and IMO worth the extra time, but then the iGuide loses a selling point on Matterport… time saver.

I’ve had the latest planix firmware and seen no difference. I did a before and after with the ricoh firmware while sitting in my office.

Is that from the planix update or the ricoh firmware?

The Planix firmware is what allows various HDR options because it is an iGuide feature. My Ricoh was already on firmware 2.0 when I bought my system, so I couldn’t say what a firmware update to that would do.

I am scanning some commercial department stores right now and have noticed that with appropriate lighting, the Ricoh external HDR is more that sufficient for that because of the solid lighting. But in many of my residential houses, the windows are blown out drastically with the Ricoh external HDR setting. But they are somewhat transparent in the -5/+2 and -3/+3 iGuide HDR’s (haven’t tried the other HDR setting yet).

Just making sure - you have to go into settings in the interface and change to the new options, it doesn’t automatically become the new default.

EvanH, how have you updated Theta firmware?

I did, I ran the update last night and did some scans. I’m really impressed with the update. It’s not a huge noticable difference, but between the iGuide planix update and the Theta z1, the quality is better. I have yet to test how the Ricoh HDR render works by a window with daylight as it usually whites out. We shall see when I get a chance to run some scans on another job. I might still stick with -3/+3 if it’s still not that good.

Wonder if you can give me an update on this - I’ve just updated to the latest settings (see pic for details), and the scan time is now super slow. I don’t have the camera set to the theta HDRs, I’ve not changed any settings bar the default I’ve always had on, but the scan time has drastically slowed. Or am I just taking crazy pills??

I had that issue recently. But did a complete factory reset. Seemed to solve my issue.

I wonder if i could just completely ignore the update?

You could, but the quality difference between the old firmware and the new one is a noticeable difference. I actually used the Ricoh HDR instead of -3/+3 setting on a recent shoot. I’m quite impressed how well the 360’s came out.