How to Shoot a Duplex??

Hey Everyone. I have been asked to do an iGuide for a purpose built duplex. This is a side by side unit. What is the best way to do this? It is 2 separate units but the whole building is being sold.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks all!!!

I would probably create separate floors for each unit, so you might end up with floors labeled as:
Unit 1: First Floor
Unit 1: Second Floor
Unit 2: First Floor
Unit 2: Second Floor

You could then market to the buyer if they want to re-sell each condo unit separately, You would create two user views, one for each unit. In the view for Unit 1, you would disable the Floors for Unit 2. You would do the opposite for the Unit 2 view.

You could also just do upper and lower levels, depends on what the agent wants. The floor plan would look nice mirrored like that but it could be confusing for people in the tour.

Assuming most duplexes are mirrored it would be quite simple lining the 2 up.

Hey Dezi, curious what you ended up doing with this, can you send the iGuide link?

Its Been my favorite for large capacity cases for a fair spell.