How to label a 4 level side split?

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Well I’m about to do my first client scan this coming week and would like some advice. It is a 4 level side split and I’m not sure the best way to label each floor/level?

What do you do?


I would do upper main, lower main, upper basement, lower basement.

The distance in height depends on what I do. If its a 4 level split, but its only like a few steps down or up to the next tier, I label that as one floor. I believe this looks better on the floorplan and also alot less disconnecting when going through the 3d tour and jumping floors. Its usually quite obvious once you get on site if it feels like one floor I would label it that way personally.

I do upper level, main floor, lower level ( ive never actually ran into a situation where id need to label it any different) In that case i would do Main floor, Main floor upper, Main Floor lower, Lower Level.

I wouldn’t stress too much about labelling it perfect as you can always change those things later in the portal. Even when you’re technically correct about naming something you’ll get clients who are picky and want it changed anyways.