How to keep floor plan PRIVATE, separate from photos/ video

Have now had two agents request this in the past 3 weeks. They get 3D/ floor plans, video and photos from me. They want to have the floor plan/ 3D Tour, but want it kept PRIVATE for security reasons. Yet I want to keep the photo gallery and the video. It doesn’t appear this is possible, yet it seems like a reasonable request. The only workaround is to set up one as normal, then purchase the PHOTO ONLY option for $10 for the version that goes on the MLS. Seems there should be a cleaner way. Also need to make the floor plan version PRIVATE and out of sight for search engines as well. Agents want to give floor plans ONLY to qualified, vetted buyers.

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Could you make a second view of the iGuide and turn off all features except photos? Not sure if that will work as I’ve never attempted it, but you may want to play around with that option as it won’t cost you anything extra. Just out of curiosity, why would an agent pay for a virtual tour and floor plan and then keep it private?

The agent wants to show the floor plan/ tour ONLY to those who qualify financially. It’s a $6m house and owners are a little hesitant as they had an issue years ago in Florida where someone broke in and stole based on what they saw on a floor plan. I’ve been at this 16 years and never had that issue, but I guess it’s valid if you’ve had an issue in the past.

I wonder about this as well. Floor plans, and virtual tours in general even, do seem to be a potential security risk, especially if it remains accessible after the house is sold. On the one hand, one of the things that attracted me to iGuide over Matterport is the ability to keep the tour active for showing examples in my gallery, and not have to archive it after the property is sold in order to free up space. But yes, if the new homeowners come across it online and see there is still a complete tour and floor plan of their home for the world to see, I can envision concerns. I would be concerned if I were the honeowner.

At the very least, is there a way, after the house is sold, for us to remove identifying property address/location information?