How to hide panos in published iGuide

I’ve got an iGuide I forgot to hide some panos in and need to hide them now after the iGuide has been published. How can I do this?


iGuide User Views > Edit > General Settings > Edit > double-click the panos to alternate between view/hide.

Thanks so much! Wish they made things like this a bit more intuitive. :slight_smile:

No worries. Every time I need to hide panos I end up hunting for it too.

So, I did it this way, it showed panos were hidden when I did it in the portal, however, the panos are not hidden. How do I get these panos hidden? Customer is getting upset.


Did you click “save” I’ve done this many times. Made revisions and then forget to hit save and then have to repeat the process. My other thought is that you might have done it right on your end but they need to clear their browser cache?

Yep, my guess is that you overlooked clicking “save”. Post the link if you want so we can check that it’s not a customer error.

Yup, you guys got me there.