How to compete with 3d tours being "free zillow"

I am brand new and am hearing a lot of “oh it’s free on Zillow.” How do you find it’s best to counter this?

Does the “free 3d tour” on Zillow offer:

  • ANSI Accurate Measurements of all the rooms and a square footage calculation–accurate enough for Fannie Mae

  • Interactive floorplans overlaid on the tour so your buyer never gets “lost” in a property tour

  • The ability to self-host the tour elsewhere or on a commercial website

  • A content delivery system with all your stills, video, and vr tour in one place ?

Also…sell yourself ! If the agent or broker wants to do the work all by themselves–go ahead and let them. Explain that by hiring a professional who has their back and is there to save them the headaches of creating content, they can focus on their real job which is making buyers and sellers happy.

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To start with I would point out that the measurement option in the Zillow 360 is highly dependent on the quality of the camera. With iGuide the Lidar scanner is highly accurate and backed up by iGuides statement below.

Source: Defending iGUIDE Measurements : Support Desk

“Both Alberta RMS (residential measurement standard) and BOMA (commercial space measurement standard) call for maximum allowed measurement uncertainty of 2% when reporting square footage measurements. As seen from the above, iGUIDE technology meets and exceeds these requirements.”

Next I would mention that the buyer can be provided with an offline copy of the iGuide tour that they can keep for insurance purposes and once the sale is closed they could take ownership of the Zillow listing and delete the 3d tour hosted on zillow while keeping their private iGuide tour which would be highly recommended because robbers have been known to use sites like zillow to plan out home invasions.

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I’ll reiterate what has been said to a degree.

Anything that is free is a “you get what you pay for” prospect. With iGuide you have the opportunity to sell a service/product that offers your client more value as shown in the post by @Joshua and @HighlanderStudios.

I suggest to not be concerned with agents who want a free Zillow tour and use the power of the marketing material offered to you by iGuide to build a clientele that sees the value in what you have to offer.

Additionally, I’ve seen others on RE photographer groups espouse the idea of offering any or all services—Guide, MP, Zillow, whatever—to give their clients a choice. I prefer to settle on the service solution makes sense for my business, and what I believe makes sense for my clients, and then spend the effort to market that solution to the best of my ability.

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