How to add scans from a different iGuide to an existing iGuide

Long story short, I have to iGuides I scanned–not sent in for drawing, etc. yet–and one has some rooms I’d like to add to the other iGuide.

Is there a way to do this with Stitch?


Were they mapped with the same camera?

If so, then you could drag the floors from one into the folder of the other. Give the floors unique names. Once you open in Stitch you can drag all the scans/panos together into the floor you want. Once again, you will need to give each pano a unique name if they are going to be part of the same floor.

I can tell you if the data was collected with different cameras too, but there is also a thread from Alex that explains this.

Thanks. Was with the same camera. I’ll try this.


Are you able to point me to this thread from Alex? I did a search and couldn’t find it. I’m looking to do that now (two different cameras)

You’re amazing, thank you so much!!

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I’m stuck. I got the scans from the first camera to load, colour corrections etc, export was all fine.

Then went to load the new camera one and I got this.

I haven’t tried doing this, so I can’t be of specific help, but…

Have you looked at the file size of those JPGs? Is it possible that they haven’t properly copied from the flash drive to your desktop?