How much are you charging for DWG Floor Plans?

I’ve been using the IMS-5 for the last 4 1/2 years, and it’s changed my business. I’ve been focused on Residential and have a few commercial clients. I am doing a deep dive with adding the DWG Files service. I am curious about what some of you are charging (per sq ft and/or total square feet). I am just looking for a base, as I know it’s different in different places.

Also, what has been your process for the first approach to the professionals who need this service?

Thanks in advance, Paul (Colorado)

I have been using the Planix Pro for about 10 months and my one person business is doing as well and is growing as I expected. I normally do construction progress virtual tours but am also doing some pre-construction and commercial real estate for sale tours. My business model was based on only theses types of 3D tours. I have sold several DWG files for $300 and that turns a $350 project into a $650 project for the cost of a premium package and then .02 psf additional for DWG processing. The shoots that have the DWG package are substantially more profitable than just the 3D tour. My projects are normally 3,000 to 4500 sq. ft. so it costs me around $110 more to get an additional $300 for my time onsite and processing through stitch.