How long do you take to shoot an iGuide?

I see that it is always mentioned that the iGuides are extremely fast when it comes to shooting a home, I find it literally takes twice as long as the marketing says. Am I alone in this? should we be skipping closets? or only shoot one scene in a bedroom? In my case I almost always scan closets unless I am confident that the drafting team will extrapolate on what is behind a hidden space. I also often shoot at the door of a room and also near the window in a bedroom, maybe you don’t need to do this I feel you are cheaping out on a job by not covering the space properly.

That depends on what the marketing says. What does it say?

I recently completed approx 5500 sq feet of house in under two hours (2 stories and outdoor). I probably took more scans that the average person might due to the nature of our business. I also took a small break in the middle of it.

Chris markets the scans saying 20min for 3000sqft. My numbers are much closer to yours.

IMS-5 or Planix?

With my IMS-5 most average-sized properties are about 30 minutes. I know the Planix is much faster.

There are many variables that can change this number…

There are many variables that can change this number…

Absolutely. Ironically, I sometimes find that shooting larger properties can be faster than shooting smaller properties because the open space allows for ease of mobility and I’m able to shoot fewer panos.

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I’ve never used the previous cameras, but with the Planix it is very quick.

I have the camera set to make a sound when the pano is shot and I jump back in the room and move to the next spot. All while the software says it’s processing the image.

You save a ton of time if you don’t wait for that and just keep going.

Typical 3 bedroom 2 bath on main floor and a rec room, laundry utility room in basement. 30 minutes. Tops.

I’m on IMS-5, I’m waiting on IMS-6 if that is in the pipeline?? The res on the Planix just isn’t doing it for me.

The Planix is the IMS-6.

Alex posted in the forums that the IMS-5 HDR code is being ported to Planix this year. I’m looking forward to that.

Plantix HDR seems pretty good other than the colour balance shift from tungsten to daylight and vice versa (i.e. window views). The lack of clarity is my main concern but I do understand why they made the choices then did, I look forward to seeing the changes to come.

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I agree the Planix results are pretty good. But I shot two properties with both my Planix and my IMS-5 and could see a clear difference, so I’ve continued shooting with my IMS-5 for now. I’m looking forward to seeing what Planitar comes up with on that front.

Honestly unless I can walk inside of a closet (walk in closet) im not scanning it. Most of the time there is too much stuff in the way to see the back wall anyways, the drafters can clearly see the (dead) space where a closet is. Ive never had an issue.

I usually only do 1 scan per room unless there is a good view or a reason to get deeper inside the room (understand the size), all intersections. The way I see it, peoples attention spans are short. Having a scan every 6 feet seems great but people are looking at so many properties that it becomes annoying, in most cases less than more is the better route IMO. If your scanning in every location that you would stand in to perhaps take photos or stand if you were showing the home to someone I’m sure your taking enough. Most iguides take me about 30-1 hour

30 mins for average houses (2500 sq ft).

Closets really slow me down. I usually take 3 Panos per closet which may be overkill. Back wall, move clothes and do the two sides. Especially for closets on exterior walls. Maybe I’m overdoing it but I never want to have to go back to a property to redo it. On interior closets, I started doing less scans if I feel the drafting team has enough data.

Planix here as well. Pick it up after the beeps and drop it down while it’s processing. Works great. Also, aligning scans as I go to cut down on post processing time.