How can real estate agents use iguide for additional revenue in other areas like insurance, commercial etc?

I am interested in if there are any real estate agents that are using iguide in other ways to make money, like if I wanted to use my iguide in the insurance industry to take iguide videos for that need…or what avenues could I use my iguide other than just my own listings??

Do you have other real estate agents that you could put me in touch with?? Or videos that I could watch?? Or anyone on youtube that I could follow??

I am interested in having a few other avenues of revenue.
Thank you

We’re now doing before/after iGuides/photos for one group we do business with. They’re buying up investment properties and remodeling them. They are using the iGuide so they can use the measure tool (before) so they don’t have to keep sending people out to measure things.

I’m about to start trying to see if I can get some traction with contracting companies, kitchen stores, etc.

Also doing iGuides (occasionally) for a company who has a contract with Sephora stores. We go out, scan for the iGuide and they use it for measurements for marketing in the stores.

These are great ideas…how do you figure out a price for your service that includes your time and the iguide?