Hotspot visible through objects

Is there a particular reason why hotspots are visible through objects? I personally think it looks sloppy and since you have the ability to jump to hotspots via the interactive floor plan I think it’s unnecessary to show hotspots that are not in the line of sight of the current hotspot. Thoughts?

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I also agree it looks bad to have those halos appearing through objects etc but I guess it’s in case the iGuide Photog doesn’t make enough scans to be able to easily go from one to another in a cohesive way.

If that’s why they are there it’s redundant since we have the ability to navigate via the Floor Plan. I would like to NOT see the halos through walls etc.


I may be wrong, but I think to not have halos in the middle of walls etc. you need to make sure the camera can see itself from one pano to the next …

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