Home Shows

Over the weekend, I had a booth at our local Home Show, this was a great awarness excercise! Several deisgners, engineers, architects, contractors etc… dropped by and were amazed on how much time they will save when they start using us!! Some people got it righ away, didn’t ask any questions just said: “I want your business card!” Probably a $1500 investement in total for the 3 days, but I feel confident it will be worth it!


Excellent. I hope that pays off in spades – or whatever the tool of choice at the Home Show was. :grin:

Great news, good luck

Great idea! I see the Planix back there on the table. What else do you have? Are those VR googles?

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Home show was great! Got visits from designers, architects that need CAD files! This week, had a booth at the New Brunswick Realtor Association AGM, really well received there also.

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