Hiring team members and how to go about wages

I haven’t seen anything on here regarding this topic. I’m looking into taking on a second photographer and I’m wondering how others break down what they pay these photographers for each shoot. Also, do you insure the camera yourself that they use or do you have them get their own insurance and liability? Do you do a 40/60 split or pay hourly. What kind of contracts do you have done up for this?

I’m so new to this and would appreciate if anyone who has photographers working for them could reach out to me so I can ask them some questions. I’m in the Kingston Ontario area so I don’t expect any competitors to reach out.

I have 17 photographers that work for me and currently have 4 iGuide cameras… I pay them a flat rate per job. They are all required to have insurance and if something happened i’d use their insurance (I require they list me as an additional insurer). I also have my own insurance.

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Hi Sparksmediagroup,

What is your flate rate (ballpark). Also, what happens if your staff or helpers find their own project do you still offer them a flate rate?

Thank you for your response. I’d also like to know what your flat rate is if you don’t mind sharing that info. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth it profit wise. I do feel like I need a second person not just to make money from but to make sure my clients can get in when they can and I can continue to offer a fast turn over.

I pay my photographers $100 per house for iguide scanning and $75 per house for photography.