High-Res Tours

Along with my last suggestion (to allow us to get the HDR brackets separately to get a proper HDR merge), I would love it if iGuide tours use the h1.jpg files instead of the s.jpg file. The pano’s are so incredibly grainy and crappy on the tours and the h1 photos look half decent. Even is this is only in the premium option where we can choose to have the high res tours its definitely something we would want to offer to our clients. I can’t imagine it being a storage issue since you can also upload a massive gallery of images so I’m not sure why it’s not possible.

We just fully edited a full tour with a full hdr setup but it looks like crap on the tour in comparison to on our monitors.

Unless I am mistaken the tours do use the h. jpg files. There is no way a panorama using 3 images of 130 kb each could look good. The photospheres when downloaded are 7200x3600 and are in the 2.7 mb size range depending on colour content. I believe the only time you would ever see the s files is if you had a really slow internet connection. Comments @Alex

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They do use the h.jpg files for the tour. The low-res is used for the previews in the app. If what you see on computer isn’t same as final tour, then you probably didn’t upload correctly.

As the others have pointed out, the s.jpg files are just the thumbnails. The h*.jpgs are the ones that are used in panos.

Okay maybe the s files was an exaggeration haha, but is it just me or do the tours look super low res?