Hiding the Floor Plan

There are several instances where the floor plan is not integral to the iGuide and my clients would like to completely hide it. In certain cases, it just makes the iGuide look cluttered. Am I missing something? Is there not a simple way to remove and/or 100% hide the floor plan element and just present the 3D tour?

Hi Michael,

The iGUIDE is a floor plan plus images that creates a comprehensive, navigable virtual tour. This means the floor plan cannot be decoupled/removed from the tour experience. You have the option of starting the experience with the floor plan minimized. To do this you navigate to the edit page and change the field “Start Options” and select “3D tour: Minimized floor plan”. Make sure to save your changes before leaving the page.

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I had the same question and also think there should be a simple way to hide the floor plan! Even tho the floor plan and the 3d tour are connected it should still be possible to only navigate through the 3d tour without the floor plan visible. I also have a client who wants to show his space without everybody seeing the floor plan and dimensions data! So there is really no way?

Hi there!

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to separate or delete the floor plan from the virtual tour. However, you can start the experience with the floor plan minimized, as previously discussed.

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