Hide panos in Survey

Can we please have a way to hide panos in Survey, so we can select which panos to hide while we’re onsite shooting?

It would eliminate the step in Stitch of trying to remember which ones were meant to be seen and which were meant to be hidden. It seems to me that the most convenient and intuitive place to do that would be while shooting a pano.

Thank you.


Yes please. This would be so helpful.

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This is SO important and would save SO much time, especially when you have to edit a scan that someone else did and you have no idea what should/shouldn’t be shown.

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I’d appreciate that feature

You can do that. When in survey go to scans. Hide on portal…

That’s not the point of the suggestion. The point is to be able to hide them onsite.

On IMS-6 if you go to the scans menu and edit a scan there is a “Hide on portal” checkbox you can use to hide scans on site.

It’s cumbersome so I don’t often use it as it’s easier to hide them in stitch in my opinion.

Yep. That was added to the IMS-6 system when it came out (after this suggestion thread), but it isn’t available for the IMS-5.

I’d also like to see a hot key to hide while in stitch, like H or something.


I’m sorry that’s exactly what I did. In survey go to scans hide and or delete. I did on site. You can also rename the scan. I have also done that when I did two similar scans and could not decide which one I liked at the time.

Yep that’s exactly what I do.

I like that idea a lot.