Help me find the best tripod head

Hey community, I am currently using the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Tripod with the SBH-100 ball head. At first, I loved this tripod because it was easy to maneuver, but over time I find myself having to adjust every time I pick up and move the camera because its just so heavy and my tripod head is wearing out quickly. It’s to the point where I have to tighten everything so much every few minutes because it just loosens up on me. Does anyone have a really good tripod head they would suggest? I like my tripod and would like to keep it, but I definitely need a new head. Please help!!!

Also… I’m not the biggest fan of the ball head with such a heavy camera on top, it’s so hard to get perfectly straight with it moving around on me all the time. any ideas for a head without the ball?

Thank you!!


Check this thread:

With the new AutoLevel in Stitch you do not need to worry about perfect levelling anymore!

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Also, inspect the ball head to see if there is any grease on the ball. If yes, clean the ball with paper towel wetted with rubbing alcohol.