Help me find the best tripod head



Hey community, I am currently using the Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Tripod with the SBH-100 ball head. At first, I loved this tripod because it was easy to maneuver, but over time I find myself having to adjust every time I pick up and move the camera because its just so heavy and my tripod head is wearing out quickly. It’s to the point where I have to tighten everything so much every few minutes because it just loosens up on me. Does anyone have a really good tripod head they would suggest? I like my tripod and would like to keep it, but I definitely need a new head. Please help!!!

Also… I’m not the biggest fan of the ball head with such a heavy camera on top, it’s so hard to get perfectly straight with it moving around on me all the time. any ideas for a head without the ball?

Thank you!!



Check this thread:

With the new AutoLevel in Stitch you do not need to worry about perfect levelling anymore!


Also, inspect the ball head to see if there is any grease on the ball. If yes, clean the ball with paper towel wetted with rubbing alcohol.