HDR Engine for stills

Just wondering if there has been any thought for the development of a HDR engine that can produce HDRs for still cameras? Raw image processing would be key so as to get the full dynamic range from the cameras. The Canon Rebel being used now only has 11 stops in dynamic range and the Sony bodies are about 14, newer Canon and Nikon have similar results.
Point being is that it may take 3-4 exposures to get great results which is fall less images than I’m currently taking for each HDR image. It would be great to download the “finished” HDRs and get I’d get more sleep during the busy season.
My wish list would be;
-Raw DNG export
-Level and pitch auto correction (cropping/perspective correction)
-Base exposure adjustment on location so that software understands what is important in the scene.
-No software client needed.
-Sony compatibility :wink:

I would point to the success of the Theta Z1 Dual Fishey plugin, as a model to look at, it captures 16bit tif files but the images act more like 32bit HDRs when edited.

Success of a system like this would democratize interior photography which could drive prices lower so we would have to have discipline in this area so everyone can make a living.
Geoff P