"Have your ever heard of iGuide?"

This is a story from one of the iGuide Operators:

“I have a pretty interesting story to tell. I went to an appointment in <redacted> today and the home owner let me in. She says “So are you the laser measure guy?” I say yes and start to unpack the camera, she asks if the lasers are attached to camera and and I start to explain the process and she suddenly says “Have your ever heard of iGuide”? This is the homeowner not the Realtor. She goes on to rave about the iGuide of the home they bought in <redacted> and how they never would have looked at the home or bought it if not for the iGuide. She was incredibly excited that she is getting the same thing for her home and she even took some business cards to give to other Realtors she knows. What I find most interesting and noteworthy is that iGuide has become known to the general public and this homeowner was actually looking for it for her property.”