Grande Prairie, Alberta?

Any of you here based in Grande Prairie? I have a client wanting an iGuide of a commercial space there. It’s too far for me to travel.

Hi Leroy, Im based in Edmonton AB may be able to help out.

Looks like you found someone. I was going to offer but I Googled it and it’s a 41-hour drive for me. I’m desperate, but not that desperate. LOL.

Use Operator - iGUIDE® map?

Thanks but that’s not Grande Prairie.

I checked that map before posting here. It looks like that operator has relocated.

If I had 41 hours to spare on a road trip, I’d be heading to Costa Rica. :grinning:

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Out of curiosity did you find someone? I’m out of Calgary, I could go for a weekend shoot

Thanks but it needs to be someone in Grande Prairie. There’s no budget for travel and incidentals.

I’m located in Grande Prairie. Used to run matterport & have an iguide planix pro arriving in a week. If you didn’t find someone yet :slight_smile:

Please send me a message when you’re set up. Thanks.

Hi Leroy, I’m also in GP. I’m running the now old school IMS- not a planix. Let me know if I can be of assistance as well.

IMS-5 is just fine.

Can you PM me your contact details?

Hi, I’m also looking for a photographer who can create virtual tours for a couple of my clients in Grand Prairie, Alberta. Sorry, I couldn’t find an option to create a new thread so I’m just adding over here if anyone’s interested in taking the projects. Please pm me your contact details to discuss further. Thank you.