Google Street View

Is the Google Street View a thing of the past? Is there anything in the works to enable the GSV service and to PIN the photos / link to the TOP of the GOOGLE MY BUSINESS page?

I don’t think so. I’ve got over 47 million views of my 360º’s and they are not slowing down. However very few merchants seem to pay attention to it.

Thanks for your response @BobHenderson. Would you be willing to share an example or two? Thanks for considering.

Here is one. Last paragraph about West Village Apartments:

Impressive work! Thanks so much for sharing Bob!

Are you selecting GSV for all of your tours when you’re processing them? I never do this, I thought there would be an additional charge. Is there a benefit my realtors for extra views or just for my business?

Google does not allow publishing private dwellings to Street View, so there is no benefit to realtors. Our web pages about GSV export from iGUIDE are meant to show how to pitch GSV publishing to brick and mortar business owners. We will be looking to re-work that content on our website to make it less confusing.

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Can someone please tell me the cost of the Google Street View add-on or point me in the direction of the info. I’m sure I read it somewhere but can’t find it now. Thanks!

Thanks Alex!

As a new provider to the iGUIDE system can you shoot a iGUIDE of a business with mapping turned off and do you pay the processing fee per square foot or just the Google add fee? 8 year veteran to Google Street view with over 800 business photographed just wondering if I can sell my older gear to use only the IMS-5 system.