Google Business Tours for Gym & Fitness Centers

Has anyone produced an iGuide for a gym, yoga studio or fitness center?
Could you please share any links with us?
Do you have any feedback from the customer?

It was for a sale, but we did this one

The gym was thinking about using it for their marketing before management changed. No other helpful feedback other than that though.


That is an awesome tour Devon. When you say management changed, did the branding change making the tour no longer relevant?
Did you do a Google Tour for the facility?

@jordan.milani Did a great tour for Hayabusa Acadeemy:
iGuide -
Google Business Tour -
Hayabusa website (with Google Business Tour) -

@jordan.milani - What did the Academy think?

No contact info from the new management. It was originally shot for a realtor for the sale, rather than the business.

They were pleased with the tour but the main draw for them seemed to be around what I could do to get them a higher ranking on Google, and if the 3D tour would help that.

I’m still trying to refine my approach to the Business iGuides, though having professionally designed brochures and leave behind FAQ sheets should be helpful this Spring.

This is great Devon, did you use any additional image editing tools on your panos?

Here is an arena I did complete with an on ice appearance!

Also, we have a pilates studio and spa seen here.

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Nice work on the arena Joe!

Hi @Chris, can you make the latest video uploaded to FB about iGuide For Business available to download please. I just want to upload it to various Social Media. Many thanks

Late to the game but I had forgot I did this one.