Gallery Feature Request

The discussion on the portal iGuide creation page has me thinking of another feature request that would be of benefit to me and my market:
My real estate board supports 30 images. I generally deliver 40+, but with large or exceptional properties it can be many more than this.
I would like an option to have the gallery flag the correct number of board photos that I preselect so the admin loading the listing has one link just to download the 30 images (or whatever your board accepts) for the listing, while the others stay in the gallery. Bonus points if you can retain lightroom image flag metadata so I can flag the 30 images I want on the listing in lightroom, and the gallery will provide these 30 images as a download link. The iGuide report would also retain the existing links to download the full gallery.

How about operator profile setting to limit MLS-sized image download to user-specified number of photos (or no limit) for all your iGuides and then only the first 30 or whatever gallery images will be zipped? And you already can control the gallery image ordering by filename order that you define in LR.

Hi-res zip would contain all images.

While most of my work is for PKAR I also service other boards with different quantities of listing photos (TREB). Operator profile wouldn’t be correct in all cases.
I generally organize the gallery into a visual “story” walkthrough of the home. Setting the first 30 may result in the correct story for the listing, but would result in a disruptive story for viewers who use the gallery via the iGuide.