[For Sale] iGuide IMS-5 Camera System - Used in Like New Condition (US)

I’m selling a used but in like new condition iGuide IMS-5 Camera System!

We upgraded to Planix and no longer have the need for two systems.

What’s Included

  • iGuide IMS-5 Camera
  • IMS-5 Charging Cable
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Lens Cover
  • Carrying Case
  • Canon Battery Charger
  • Canon Battery (x2)
  • Off Brand Battery (x2)
  • 128GB USB Flash Drive

Price: $2000 Shipped

Camera/IMS-5 System in great operating condition!


Is the theta quality better? Why are you switching?

To be honest I have no idea what the quality difference is between the camera version of IMS-5 to the theta on the Planix Pro.

I had two photographers that needed their own iGuide systems, so when I bought the second one, the Planix Pro was out so I got that as my second system. We only have a need for one system now, so we opted to keep the Planix as it’s a tad quicker in the field not having to rotate the camera manually.

Is this unit still available? I would like to purchase if possible :slight_smile:

Hi there - it is still available!

Awesome, and where are you located? I am in Alberta Canada so I am needing to know what my shipping cost will me.

I’m in the US, in Colorado.

How much foe the planix system shipped to ohio?

How much shipped to ohio? Reason for selling?

How much did you want for your Planix Pro?

If you would like to purchase/sell a system that is not the one I posted to start this thread, please post your replies in their respective threads instead of this one. It’s too confusing trying to figure out who has what and who wants what, when threads are being hijacked.

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