Font Size for Floor Plans

Is there a way to increase font size for JPEG/PDF floor plans? I have an agent request for this customization so that it is easier to read when printed.

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I would like to hear notifications on this. I know you can increase the font size in edit mode, but the maximum font is still quite small.

I agree… many customers have mentioned this as well… font sizes hard to read as they are too small.

We have had a few agents recently saying that the font size on their PDF/JPEG floorplans are too small and almost illegible in some cases. We did create a ticket and ask Planitar but they said it could not currently be made any bigger.
This could become a big issue if certain floorplans are illegible.

The text is much improved from a year ago, and I am very grateful for this. However, I still do get asked by one or two realtors if its possible to make the font larger also.

You are right, it does look like a bug for this particular case that you provided and it needs to be addressed. We worked really hard to optimize font scaling and maximize legibility, so this should not be happening. I apologize for our incorrect reply on the ticket and we will address it ASAP.

Thank you Alex.

I’m happy to let you know that the issue with label sizes has now been addressed.
You can regenerate the pdfs to see the correction take affect.
Thanks for your feedback everyone.