Folder Chaos

This recommendation is for everyone’s file management sanity:

Download & Extract all of the TOUR ASSETS and this is what you get:

ZIP = AssetType > Address > Gallery >


And that’s only organized because I extracted them to the same project folder, most people forget that step and have search for their downloads.

That’s a LOT of folders burried in other folders with the same listing title at the end, which is fine if you dont care about spending time finding what you’re looking for. For the rest of us that want it to make sense and be easy to find what we’re looking for out of the box, it’s organized chaos.

Save 8 projects this way and it gets downright ugly. I don’t know of ANY Agents that organize this way - all my clients save their listing documents in a folder (typically using the listing address) then the assets for that listing in that folder. The current system splits everything into several folders of different types of assets, with asset addresses inside those types, THEN another folder inside that folder with the actual assets. This is confusing to almost EVERY agent I’ve had to sit down with to teach how to get their assets in order. It’s always a mess and confusing.

I know its possible for the system to be setup to deliver the ZIP assets in a way that would extract in a way that makes much more sense, for example:

ZIP = Address > AssetType >


Please… pretty please… can we clean this up and make it glossy out of the box?

Thanks in advance.

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