Is there an option to submit the data from a house scan and only receive the floorplan. That’s all that my clients want and need. I know that there is the the Radix option but I have no idea what that supplies and cannot for the life of me find any examples of it. Does anyone here have an example of it and can it be used to supply accurate floorplans?

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The RADIX pretty much is the standard iGUIDE except NO FLOOR PLAN! Pretty much the opposite of what you’re after. Also it’s available for measuring etc very quickly (roughly 15 min) and can be shared immediately with colleagues in case they need to get started back at the office before you get back. It’s really designed for the Insurance/Restoration market.

I know of a few fellow iGUIDERS (is that a term yet) who are only after the Floor Plan but to get it you have to go All-In and get the iGUIDE Standard.

I’m another who would love a floor plan only option at a lower cost. I noticed today you can upload files for Radix right from the interface on site, and would love to be able to send off floor plans for drafting with no stitch step after the fact.

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The beauty of RADIX is it’s minimal “drafting” and relying on just LIDAR data.

How much do we think a Floor Plan only should cost? How much are you selling them for?

I do Floor Plans (fortunately a lot) as well as Emergency/Fire Extinguisher Plans and they are a big profit center especially if you factor in the minimal amount of time to have them “Drawn” electronically.

I would try to sell them on the value of having a full 360 scan of their property for insurance protection especially if the terms of the insurance provides “like for like” or full value replacement.


The 3d tour doesn’t require the team to do any extra work. Were being charged for the drafting of the floor plans and measurements. The 3D tour is merely a bonus to the process.


There are details about Radix at Insurance & Restoration - iGUIDE®.

I occasionally get asked for floor plans only. I shoot a regular iGuide and disable all the panos. (Which is simple to do in Stitch by shift-selecting.)

I imagine that the drafters use the visuals provided in the panos to do their work, so I tell clients that the process and the price is the same and they mostly accept that.


Same thing that I do, Leroy. And yes, I can’t see any way that the drafters could properly do their layouts without those visuals, makes sense to me.

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