Floorplan only, how do I do it?

Hi guys. Got a client with a rehab house and wanted to order only floorplan for construction and rehab purposes and not 3D Tour. Is there anyway to do it without going through normal process? She doesn’t want to pay the whole package price just to get floorplan only since property is not in a good shape!TOA

You can leave out your own still photos, but the floor plan and 3D tour come as a package. The drafters need the pano images to make sense of the laser data anyway so the 3D tour is always included.

I am likely to offer a floor plan / 3D tour only package next year and give a small discount for no still photos.

I knock $50 off the price of a regular iguide if there are no still photos required.

It may be different on your end, but when I go to upload an iguide, I have the option of choosing “Standard” & "Premium (Detailed Floor plan, iGuide VR). When we have foreclosures and the home doesn’t need a panoramic tour, we just do the “Standard” iGuide to create the floor plan.

You can also turn HDR off in Survey and shoot using AutoExposure only - that will speed things up by about 5 minutes for a typical home. Afterwards in Stitch, you do not need to review panos for color.

Joshua – so do you charge your regular price for a standard iGuide then? My pricing for standard and premium iguides are published on my website and people looking for floorplan only always ask for a discount because they don’t need the virtual tour or still photos.

Discounted rate. Although, we only do floor plan-only, for Foreclosures and homes that may not be in the best shape to be viewed by iGuide VR. I find that I’m still going through the process of shooting for the floorpan, in the exact same manner, so I’d take some thought as to how much your time is worth.

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